To The One that Stayed

Today, I hung out with my mom and after I dropped her off at home, I was in deep thought, and I became emotional. Anybody that knows me knows that my mom and I are SUPER close. Just like any mother and daughter, we have our rough moments but when I look back over my 34 years, one major thing stands out to me that I could never forget…she was the one that stayed.

As the song says, “It takes two to make a thing go right” but sometimes life doesn’t end up like that. It takes two people to create a child and the only time that a parent should not be there for their children is if the Lord calls them home. I will never co-sign a deadbeat parent…EVER. There is no excuse for it and I say this from experience. My situation sewed seeds of unworthiness that I am still battling with to this day but I WILL OVERCOME this!

I think of the bond that my mom had with both my deceased brother and I and I get emotional because no matter what we did or said, she chose to be the one that stayed. She didn’t abandon her responsibilities and make excuses of why she couldn’t make something happen. She always made a way out of no way and I know that’s because the Lord gave her the wisdom and strength to so.

My mama is 66 years old and no one knows what tomorrow will bring so while these thoughts were on my mind, I wanted to share with those of you that take the time to read. I appreciate the love that my mom gives to not only me but everyone around her. I have seen her go through hell and back, I’ve seen her break down and cry, I’ve seen her heart crushed by some of the people closest to her but one thing that I have never seen was her give up or leave my side.

I didn’t ask to be in this world but with a mama like mine, it makes it sweeter to make memories and experience life with her. She is my best friend, my no limit soldier, my prayer warrior that intercedes for me when I am to weak to do so for myself, and she is a woman of God. She deserves nothing but the best in this world and that is exactly what she will get. Through my depression and anxiety, you were the one that stayed, through my trials and tribulations, you stayed; through my failures, you stayed so when I beat this depression and anxiety, reach the mountaintops, and continue to be successful, I know that you will stay.

I appreciate and love you for exactly who you are and how to love people and have a heart of gold. Thank you for teaching me how to be a resilient woman that chooses to stay and help others as much as I can. You are about to reap a mighty harvest and I pray that the good Lord allows me to see every bit of it. I love you Mama and thank you for being the one that chose to stay.

One thought on “To The One that Stayed

  1. Thank you baby girl!! I will forever ❤️ you and stand by your side. God gave me two wonderful children and he chose to call one home because his work was done.
    I still have you sweetie and God deserves the Glory!!!
    I will never leave you unless God calls me home.
    You are my rock, my advisor and my child. No one can take that away but God.
    Still I will forever hold your ❤️ in my heart.


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