What will 2022 B 4 U?

Wow…I can’t believe that it is 2022 already!

The last four months of 2021 were transformative to me in so many ways. I temporarily moved to another state and I was away from my husband, mother, and dog and that was truly hard to do. I did it because God spoke to me and told me that it was time to move out of my comfort zone and I had the support of my husband. I needed this time away though to reset and learn about what I truly needed to do to make my life better. I began working out, eating a little better, and taking myself out on self-care dates. A little healthy brunch, some nice hikes, a lil trip to Target ;)…you name it. I enjoyed spending time alone with my thoughts and praying and studying God’s word and just asking Him to help make me whole again. I missed my husband more than the law should allow but truthfully, we needed the time apart. We both needed to see what life was like without being in the other person’s face and space for an extended amount of time. I thank God for the renewal that it gave our marriage and our friendship.

I wrote a blog about my strained relationship with my father that was entitled, “Let’s Call a Spade a Spade” and I deleted it today because that was not the avenue that I wanted to explore in 2022. As the picture above, I have recognized that this healing thing comes in waves and one day, I can have it all together and the next day, I am mad as hell by the strained relationships in my life. It’s ok to be mad as hell though and it’s ok to be down sometimes but the key is to pick myself up and carry on with my best life. I prayed to God to remove anyone that wasn’t truly down for me and the new phase in my life and I never saw so many people drop off. I learned quickly that I had to be careful about what I prayed for because when it happens, nobody is off limits. My parents, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, literally anybody could be dropped off.

It’s an interesting part of my life that I am entering right now as I feel that I have been through a rough and excruciating fall and winter season but I am slowly approaching my spring season; the season of new growth, newness, new beginnings, exploration, curiosity, happiness, joy, and last but not least, PEACE. I am on the quest to become the most peaceful and unbothered person that I can be and I am realizing that not a human on this planet has a heaven or hell to put me in so I am going to keep working on my relationship with God and healing from the inside out. Y’all wish me luck on my journey and God bless!

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